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The International Airport Montello is seeking a responsible person to be part of its exceptional layover support personnel. Candidates for the position should be experienced with extended flight layovers and comfortable in remote places.



The International Airport Montello in the state of Nevada, USA, provides outstanding service facilities and a friendly crew that accommodates travelers of all kinds.



Layover Support Crewmember



The Layover Support Crewmember is imaginative, creative, and resourceful. He or she should creatively respond to ground crew requests; gracefully relate with demanding passengers; and efficiently mediate communication between passengers and other IAM ground crew members.


Dates of Hire:

September 14–15, 2006


Accommodation, meals, and air travel to and from New York City–Montello–New York City, which includes airport transportation at IAM. Plus, a unique layover experience.


How to Apply:

Please send us a cover letter or text describing your interests, subject of expertise, and the skills you offer to the IAM; explain how this temporary employment would benefit you personally or professionally, and how the IAM could benefit from your company; lastly, list 3 references, including names, titles, and their contact information.  Creative writing is encouraged. Please indicate in your email if the text-part of your application can be made public on the IAM website; otherwise, it will remain confidential. Your application should be sent via email to: help_wanted@InternationalAirportMontello.com.



Short-listed applicants will be informed immediately via email or phone, and should be available for an interview in New York City during August 2006. In order to get a better understanding of the IAM, applicants are encouraged to visit the airport’s website prior to applying:  www.internationalairportmontello.com




International Airport Montello

This new project by eteam in collaboration with the citizens of Montello Nevada, takes place in a 10-acre piece of land that the eteam purchased at auction on eBay for less than $500 dollars. It consists of creating recurring events in an abandoned airstrip that is approximately 6,000 feet and located nearby the eteam’s land in Montello. With the assistance of the eteam, a number of people and local businesses in Montello will revamp their interior spaces turning the town into a place “like any other” airport. International Airport Montello is commissioned by Art in General, New York.


eteam’s members are Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger. Their work is guided by a process of understanding the circumstances and possibilities of a specific place or site. They have worked in such unusual sites as skyscrapers, public parks, the internet and the desert. Their projects have been recently featured in exhibitions at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center and Momenta in New York City; the Soap Factory in Minneapolis; Grizedale Arts in England; and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Spain, among other places. To develop the International Airport Montello, the eteam has participated in the Center for Land Use and Interpretation (CLUI) residency in Wendover, Utah. For more information, please visit: www.meineigenheim.org.